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stolen from my main man :iconscientistofnightvale:


Each person has to share 13 things about them. 
Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.


1. If you watch anime, which are your favorites? If not, what are your favorite cartoons and tv shows?
im glad this is plural because i cant just pick one: soul eater, ouran highschool host club, neon genesis evangelion, puella magi madoka magica, and full metal alchemist brotherhood

2. What is your favorite video game?
ib, for sure xoxo

3. Tea or coffee?
i prefer tea over coffee but both are nice

4. What electronic device do you use most often?
its a tie between my computer and phone

5. Do you have original characters? If so, which do you draw most often?
hell yes i do, javis and sylvia are all my hand can draw anymore tbh

6. Do you like to wear nice clothes, casual clothes, or a style in-between?
style in between i guess cos i go from a dress one day and sweat pants the next. its more like "im fab and u cant tell me no"

7. Do you believe in aliens or other beings in the universe?

yes, itd be so arrogant to think that only humans and animals are in this universe, im sure theres some crazy stuff further out there, or even closer than we think!

8. What is your favorite dinosaur?

tbh i dont know many dinosaur types but littlefoot was pretty heckin cool

9. What kinds of things do you like to read?

mystery, vampires, and DEATH

10. Do you prefer drawing or writing?

drawing but sometimes i write. not the greatest at either one but hey at least i try

11. What do you do to make yourself feel better, or get yourself out of a funk?

listen to music, draw, watch smth, or even embrace the funk in hopes that itll leave me alone if senpai notices it

12. What are your favorite genres of music?

hipster shit with a dash of furry techno, as well as some classical

13. Do you have any hobbies?
yeah being a loser XOXO

--my questions--

1. whats ur fav colour xD
2. whats ur fave animal
3. if u had to pick, unicorns or zombies!?
4. have u ever dyed ur hair before
5. ice cream flavour: chocolate or vanilla?/
6. wats ur first language, and then 1 u kinda kno
7. who is ur anime boyfriend/girlfriend??!
8. whos ur fave youtuber
9. who is ur fav band if u only have to pick ONE1!?
10. who is ur fav drawist
11. are u a nerd or a hipsterr
12. whats ur shoe size?!
13. did u like my quizz lol xDD

i tag no one because im crying over my questions bye


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- do not repost my art
- do not use my oc designs
- do not comment on my deviantations with unrelated comments (ie saying youre from iscribble)

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